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SCOPE Invest

Since the introduction of the Tax Shelter law, SCOPE Invest has offered participating Belgian enterprises an attractive financial product focusing on security and transparency. SCOPE Invest has already enabled over 1,800 Belgian companies of all shapes and sizes and from all sectors to carry out hundreds of Tax Shelter operations worth a total amount of nearly 300 million euros.

SCOPE provides a secure offer that has a proven track record: 100% of films which have passed the audits have obtained definitive certification of their tax benefit.

SCOPE Invest has become the partner of choice for Belgian businesses that want to realize Tax Shelter operations completey safely. At the same time, the company has become a key partner for European producers looking for reliable funding for their film projects. Close to 200 outstanding European films have received Tax Shelter funds collected by SCOPE Invest.

With its unique blend of staff experience and knowledge in the areas of both production and finance, SCOPE Invest plays its part in the development of the Tax Shelter Scheme and of European audio-visual production in Belgium. Operating independently, its aim is to select around twenty films every year from the hundreds of projects submitted by European producers. The company thus enables Belgian enterprises to participate in ambitious films which are secure and which have significant economic impact in Belgium.

SCOPE Pictures

Since 2005 SCOPE Pictures has been responsible for the executive production in Belgium of the films supported by the Tax Shelter funds collected by its sister-company SCOPE Invest. Executive production consists in the direct and on-going management of production expenditure in Belgium associated with Tax Shelter funding.
The role of SCOPE Pictures meets two objectives :

  1. Securing the grant of the tax benefit : direct real-time management by SCOPE Pictures of the ‘Belgian expenditure’ minimises the risk that this expenditure will not be incurred in accordance with the legal conditions of the Tax Shelter Scheme. As a result, 100% of films which have passed the audits have obtained definitive certification of their tax benefit. This organisational approach also makes it possible to speed up the procedure for obtaining certificates, since SCOPE Pictures itself undertakes these tasks without depending on third parties.
  2. Offering European producers an overall solution under SCOPE’s sole responsibility : SCOPE Invest collects the Tax Shelter funding, and SCOPE Pictures manages the Belgian production of the project. The company has thus managed the shooting in Belgium of 80 renowned European films which, put together, represent approximately 5 years of filming, while at the same time exclusively collecting the Tax Shelter funding linked to this spending.

This dual structure offers Belgian enterprises increased tax security, while the company remains independent in the choice of film projects it proposes.

A dual priority: Security and Transparency

Since it was founded, SCOPE Invest’s priority has been the security and transparency of Tax Shelter operations. The combination of a number of key elements has secured it a unique place in the market.

SCOPE has the most successful Tax Shelter product in terms of security: 100% of films which have passed the audits have obtained definitive certification of their tax benefit.

The team

SCOPE has a strong team of specialists serving Tax Shelter investors and searching for the best film projects. They include :

Geneviève Lemal CEO & Producer

Geneviève Lemal holds a degree in applied economics from the Institute of Business and Administration of the Catholic University of Louvain. She also has a master in Asian Studies and an MBA from Cornell University. Geneviève embarked on her career for nearly 10 years as a financial analyst for a series of world renowned banks (Deutsche Bank, Crédit Agricole Indosuez and Dresdner Bank), first in Sydney, then in Hong Kong and London. In 2002, she was selected to participate in MEGA MEDIA, a training programme in production and audiovisual distribution, sponsored by the European Commission, where she won the First Prize. Geneviève then worked for several major independent producers in Paris and Brussels. In 2003, Geneviève decided to create SCOPE Invest operating as an investment funds under the Tax Shelter system; which allowed her to invest in 9 films of which “L’enfant” by Luc & Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Palme d’Or at Cannes Film festival in 2005. In 2005, she established her own production company “SCOPE Pictures” in order to welcome European films which incur part of their production expenses in Belgium. As well as Production Services Belgium active as a line producer. In 2007, Geneviève created Fortis Film Fund together with now BNP Paribas. She was a member of their Investment Committee till 2010. Since then, Geneviève has co-produced over 120 feature-length films that were commercial successes and won prizes at prestigious festivals. Geneviève Lemal aspires to develop creative projects for the international market on subjects that arouse laughter, thinking and feelings among viewers.

Nicolas Keusters Operations Director

Nicolas earned a degree in commercial and financial sciences from ICHEC and embarked on an auditing career at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, where he stayed for 4 years. After 2 years with the French Group Vinci as a Business Analyst and a year of consultancy at Trifinance, Nicolas joined the media and communication group Dentsu Aegis Network, where he was CFO for 9 years. He joined SCOPE in September 2016 as Operations Director.

Martin Detry Marketing and Communication Manager

Martin Detry earned a degree in communication in 1993 at the Catholic University of Louvain. He started his career in the printed press (Rossel) whilst engaging already in the cinema at the time during the Flanders International Film Festival (Ghent) where he worked as French-speaking press officer for two years (1994-1995). In 1996, he took over the reins of the marketing operations of a young Brussels company active in the ICT sector. In 2003, he became the marketing manager of Systemat, a Belgian company that provides IT services to businesses. He joined the SCOPE team in 2016 as Marketing & Communication Manager.

Investors care
Alexander Oberink Senior Investment Consultant

Alexander Oberink earned a Solvay sales engineering degree at the Dutch-speaking Free University of Brussels (VUB). He has acquired 13 years of experience in marketing and sales, first in the IT sector at IBM, Siemens and Compaq-HP, and then, as of the beginning of 2006, in the Tax Shelter sector. He joined the marketing team of SCOPE Invest in May 2007, and deals in particular with the Dutch-speaking clientele.

Eric Vandenkerckhoven Senior Investment Consultant

Eric Vandenkerckhoven  (permanent representative of VDKconsult SPRL) is a jurist by training (Catholic University of Louvain). After 10 years with the Crédit Communal as a branch manager, Eric joined the BBL (now ING) where he occupied different sales and marketing positions, essentially in the insurance sector, for some ten years. After an initial successful experience in the Tax Shelter sector, Eric joined SCOPE in October 2011 to bolster the commercial presence of SCOPE in the French-speaking part of the country.

Jacques Cardon Senior Investment Consultant

Jacques Cardon (permanent representative of Cabcode sprl) holds a management degree from the HEC in Liège. He held marketing and managerial positions in different publishing and press groups (Promedia, Mediaxis, Weka, Rossel - Sud Presse) from 1981 to 2009. He also applied his commercial talents in the Dexia Group from 2000 to 2003. In 2009, he founded his own commercial development and communication consulting firm. He joined the SCOPE team as Senior Investment Consultant in October 2014.

Stijn De Block Senior Investment Consultant

Stijn De Block earned his bachelor's degree in social work, specialising in human resources, in 2007. He started his career at Euler Hermes Credit Insurance Belgium as Business Manager for East and West Flanders. After 3 years in the insurance sector, he moved to the Tax Shelter sector to join our team as an Investment Consultant.

Nadia Khachan Investment & Tax Consultant

Holder of a bachelor’s degree in law (EPHEC), and a special master’s degree in tax management (Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management), Nadia Khachan embarked on her career at Deloitte, before moving on to EY. With 4 years of experience as a tax advisor, Nadia joined the SCOPE team in April 2016 as an Investment & Tax Consultant.

Finance & Administration
Damien Farina Film Finance Manager

Damien Farina is an accountant by training. Having specialized in Tax Management, he embarked on a Master’s Degree in Management at the Solvay Brussels School. He worked in the rail and IT sectors before joining the SCOPE team as Film Finance Manager in January 2018.

Coralie Peharpré Finance & Administration Assistant

Coralie Peharpré has a degree in accounting from EPHEC. After graduating in 2011, she started her career in the fiduciary sector. Two years later, she joined SCOPE as a Finance & Administration Assistant.

Sabrina Toussaint Administration Assistant

A graduate in secretariat/office automation, Sabrina Toussaint embarked on her career in the office of a bailiff and process server. After undergoing commercial employee training, she joined SCOPE when it was first launched as an administrative assistant. She has been responsible for the administrative monitoring of investors for the last ten years or so.

Laurent Bencharif Facility Assistant

Laurent Bencharif earned a degree in Economic and Social Administration at the University of Montpellier III. After working in various sectors, he joined SCOPE in 2016 as an administrative assistant where he is responsible for the administrative follow-up of investors.

Roxane Haulot Marketing & Customer Care Executive

Roxane Haulot holds a bachelor's degree in communication and public relations. She started her career in 2008 with a prestige car maker. She joined the SCOPE team in 2010 as Marketing & Customer Care Executive.

Audrey Loucas Marketing & Customer Care Executive

Audrey Loucas earned her business management degree at the Complutense University of Madrid. She embarked on her career in Belgium in a press agency. After five years at Tem Dem as a press officer, she decided to give her career a new turn. She joined the SCOPE team in 2013 as Marketing & Customer Care Executive.

Nicolas Honorez Project Manager
Distribution Manager

Nicolas Honorez earned a diploma in film techniques at the INRACI, and then worked for several years as a production assistant in charge of projects for different documentaries. As a sideline to his activities, Nicolas also carried out any photo reporting assignments for various magazines and travel guides. At the end of 2010, having spent several months in India for an NGO which hired him to produce video capsules, Nicolas joined an audiovisual communication agency as project manager. In 2012, Nicolas joined the SCOPE production team to fulfil his wish to work on film production.

Charlotte Dulière Coproduction Executive

Charlotte Dulière earned a master’s degree in art history from the Catholic University of Louvain. She embarked on her career in 2012 at Saga Film and continued at Wajnbrosse. After 4 years of experience in production, Charlotte joined the SCOPE team in November 2015.

Sofia Lemos Marques Coproduction Assistant

Upon graduating in Lisbon in 2014, Sofia left for Brazil where she embarked on the cinema. At Polofilme in Rio de Janeiro she was in charge of the coordination of project development, the financing and distribution of films in festivals. In Brussels, Sofia earned a Master’s Degree in Production Management from INSAS in 2017, and then joined the SCOPE team.

Tahereh Khazrai Associate Producer – Project Manager

Tahereh Khazrai has an Executive MBA from the ESSEC, a Degree in Cinema and a Masters in History from the Sorbonne. She began her career with Wild Bunch in 1999, before occupying the post of Vice-President International Sales at StudioCanal from 2002 to 2010. In June 2010, she moved to Cinecapital, a subsidiary of Cofiloisirs where, for 7 years, she served as Investment Director for SOFICA Socifinéma and Cinecap. In July 2017, she joined SCOPE Pictures as an Associate Producer. Based in Paris, Tahereh is responsible for co-producing films eligible for the Belgian Tax Shelter which originate from France, Italy, Germany and Eastern Europe.

David Ragonig Unit Production Manager

David Ragonig has a Masters in Economic Science from Brussels Free University, plus a Certificate in Production from Paris’s Fémis film school and the Baden Württemberg film academy. Having begun his working life in the financial sector as a Mergers & Acquisitions Consultant, David made the switch to an audiovisual production career in 2012. Since then, he has been involved in the executive production of numerous short and full-length movies shot in Belgium and France, such as “LES PROFS 2” (UGC), “THE EXCEPTION” (EGOLI TOSSEL), “RATTRAPAGE” (UGC), “WHERE HANDS TOUCH” (TANTRUM FILMS) and “A BLUEBIRD IN MY HEART” (LABYRINTHE).
David joined the Scope team in 2017 as a Unit Production Manager.

Inès De Nervo Senior Legal Executive

Inès has a Master’s Degree in Intellectual Property Management from Paris II (Assas). After graduation, she spent nearly 4 years at the legal department of TF1 (in charge, in particular, of acquisition of audio-visual programmes). When she moved to Belgium, she spent 9 months as Contract Manager at GlaxoSmithKline. In January 2018 she joined the SCOPE team as Senior Legal Executive.

Share ownership

SCOPE’s shareholders include audio-visual professionals and financial institutions enabling SCOPE to call upon a set of unique and valuable skills in the market. The share ownership consists of Geneviève Lemal (through Elisal and Nador Invest), MCI (Nativism group), the brokerage firm Rubini & Associés, Virginie Paillet and the company Cinéfine.

The share ownership is detailed in the prospectus approved by the FSMA.

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