Astérix et Obélix: Au service de sa Majesté Label

Astérix et Obélix: Au service de sa Majesté2012


It's 50 BC. Caesar is hungry for conquests. At the head of his glorious legions, he decides to invade the island located on the edge of the known world, that mysterious country called Britannia, Brittany. His victory is fast and total. Well... nearly. A small Breton village manages to hold out against his advances, but its strength is dwindling. So Cordelia, queen of the Bretons, decides to send her most loyal officer, Jolitorax, to find help in Gaul, in another little village, known for its stubborn resistance to the Romans... In the Gallic village in question, Asterix and Obelix are already very busy. Their chief has entrusted his nephew Goudurix to them. Goudurix is an empty-headed young fellow who has just arrived from Lutetia and their job is to make a man of him. No easy task. When Jolitorax arrives to ask for help, the decision is taken to given him a barrel of magic potion and for him to be escorted home by Asterix and Obelix, as well as Goudurix, because the journey would provide an excellent opportunity for Goudurix to complete his education. Unfortunately, nothing quite goes to plan...



Laurent Tirard


Gerard Depardieu

Edouard Baer

Fabrice Luchini

Catherine Deneuve

Valérie Lemercier

Bouli Lanners


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