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Insolent and rebellious, Ronit left London and the Orthodox Jewish community at the age of 18, bound for New York. Refusing to accept the future mapped out for her of mother and wife, she defied the wishes of her father, the great Rav Krushka. When he dies fifteen years later, Ronit is called back by her family to Hendon. There, she is reunited with her childhood friend Esti and her cousin Dovid. They have both done what the community expected of them: Dovid, chosen by Rav Krushka from his adolescence to be his successor, has become a rabbi almost despite himself. Esti has denied her attraction to women and followed the precepts of the Torah: she is now married to Dovid... but still loves Ronit. The return of the black sheep to this inward-facing world is about to create a shockwave.


Sebastián Lelio


Rachel Weisz

Rachel Mc Adams

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