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After the French defeat in the summer of 1940, a young Senegalese infantryman, Addi Ba, manages to get away and takes refuge in the Vosges Mountains. Aided by certain villagers, he manages to obtain false papers that enable him to live in the open. Noticed by those who are planning to take action against the occupier and who are not yet calling themselves the "Resistance", he helps set up the region's first "underground" network. With this pioneering group, he takes part in numerous clandestine activities. The resistance is born. The Germans, who are quick to identify him and dub him "the black terrorist", track him relentlessly, but Addi Ba lives, loves and fights on for three years.


Gabriel Le Bomin


Marc Zinga

Alexandra Lamy

Astrid Whettnall

Louane Emera

Pierre Deladonchamps


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