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Retour chez ma mère2016


We all love our parents, but to go back home to live with them when we're adults is a different story altogether... a story that over 400 000 men and women in France are experiencing as the result of a divorce or money problems, finding themselves forced to go back to the good old family home. This is the intense experience that Stéphanie is about to thrust herself into: having at first to confront a loving but interfering mother and then her brothers and sisters, while all of the old niggles and grievances of the past raise their ugly heads again. As a result, the idealised family cocoon is turned into a very real powder keg. But they are salutary explosions... Welcome to a hostile, unexpected, tasty and secretive world: the family!



Eric Lavaine


Alexandra Lamy

Josiane Balasko

Mathilde Seigner

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